Candle Matches
Long Candle Matches

The perfect accessory to the continuing vogue for candles. Beautifully decorated white box with different designs and motifs. Ideal for lighting fires, woodburning stoves & BBQs - light a whole candelabra with just one match.

A popular and useful Christmas Gift. Ideal fundraiser for gallery, museums and churches.

Send for a sample box and a selection of picture options £2.50 inclusive of postage.

Commission your own image for orders of 120 boxes or more.



Cathedrals and Monuments




Commisions and miscellaneous

60 Boxes £75 120 Boxes £145
Postage & Packaging £4.45
R.R.P. £2.95-£3.95 per box

Many other images available please send for list and samples. 07801 700 996

Hundreds of designs available.  Glitter adds festive sparkle to some of the Christmas range.